1. I had to praise you somewhere and it happens to be here. Flextrine is a mighty fine blend of several great things and I’m using it right now for a big project which just happens to run on Doctrine 2 beta 2.

    The first thing I wanted to be able to do was custom PHP functions or rather library like the Hierarchical DoctrineExtension with its MPTT implementation. I understand I should extend FlextrineDelegate to implement a custom call and subsequently the EntityManager as well. If all goes well, I’ll write a short tut about that and if possible, contribute to your wiki.

    I’m unsure about something however. You consider doctrine entities the same as VOs and therefore use public properties. I thought like that too but then I read that it is a bad practise here http://www.doctrine-project.org/projects/orm/2.0/docs/reference/best-practices/en
    It refers to the proxies, not the entities themselves. But I think this feature will be used in projects to limit the requests amount. Moreover, setting public accessors gives an additional control to the modifications being made on the object. We could for instance enforce a regexp upon a setter to validate the data (ok we could do that in AS3 too) or call some other functions like a logger (we could also do this with another call in AS3). Have you got insights about this ?

    I also noticed that in your wiki, int and bigint are mapped to Number in AS3. A detail but are you going to change that later on ?

    At last, is there some kind of an “official” forum or something for people to discuss about Flextrine ?

    Anyway this is really an exciting project and I’m looking forward to seeing more releases. Thank you.

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