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Platypus is a modular gambling platform built in PHP, Symfony 2, Sonata and Postgresql. It allows a customer to select from an ever growing library of modules in order to customise anything from a single game to a complete gambling site. Modules include integration platforms to allow various types of 3rd party or native games to run with the platform, as well as bundles of games. There are also affiliate tracking modules, various traditional payment modules, as well as modules for payment using cryptocurrencies like BitCoin. Platypus also currently provides a Haskell slot machine module that uses a genetic algorithm to simulate and generate slot machines with optimal characteristics. The platform can be fully localised via the CMS into an arbitrary number of languages.

The platform provides a fully featured admin panel built using Sonata CMS, which gains relevant features as modules are included into each site.

The code is fully tested using PHPUnit and includes automatic deployment to various targets using Capistrano scripts.