Adobe, Apple, iPhones, iPads and the Flash Player – my two cents_
May 08, 2010

There have been some nasty fights recently between Apple and Adobe regarding allowing the Flash Player to run on mobile Apple platforms, which is starting to descend into massive criticism of the Flash platform itself.  I guess its obvious which side of the debate I am going to be on and here is some of my reasoning:

Apple seem to think that everything that Flash can do will be replicable in HTML 5 using Canvas, Javascript and CSS.  Even apart from the fact that HTML 5 does not have anything like the feature set of the AVM, lets think about this from a developer perspective for a second and we can pretty quickly see some of the downfalls:

The whole thing feels like Apple playing off consumer loyalties and technical ignorance to try and control as much of the web as they can.  I believe that ultimately this will result either in developers falling away from the Apple mobile platform in favour of devices that support the cross-platform model which will end up damaging their business model.  At which point, no doubt, Flash will suddenly be supported again :)