Announcing the first release of ember.hx

I am proud to announce the release of Ember.hx, a library that enables ember.js programming via Haxe.  This brings the structure, code completion and compile-time error checking of a modern statically typed language to the best HTML web application framework around.  When I get some time I’ll be writing a few tutorials, but in the meantime check out the code and documentation, plus an example and live demo at


  1. Hey Jonas,

    I have investigated AngularJS a bit, and it looks great too (in fact my final choice was between Angular and Ember), but in the end I had to choose one framework and went for Ember. I had a vague feeling that Angular encouraged putting too much logic in the HTML for my taste, but I never tried anything beyond the simplest examples so its quite possible that I am completely wrong about this 🙂

    Ember.hx is open source and MIT licenced so if you want to have a go at taking the code and trying to Angularfy it please feel free! I expect the macro stuff that is implemented in Ember.hx can be fiddled into being useful for Angular.hx


  2. Hi Dave,

    just noticed you library for Ember.hx and had a look at it. Great work! Especially the macros 😉

    Currently Haxe has made it to version 3 and it is a small challenge to port your code to the changes of the changed syntax.

    I’m not that experienced in macros in Haxe so I want to ask if you’re planning to make an update to your library or is it already “dead”?

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