Here are some particularly interesting projects I have developed over the years. If you would like to see demos or get references please get in touch with me via the contact page.

Gift Genie Facebook Application


I developed a Ruby on Rails based Facebook application using RFacebook.  The application lists upcoming birthdays for the user’s friends and suggests gifts based on their profiles.  The application is database driven with admin panels to allow the addition of locale based affiliate sites.  Cron jobs are used to send out customized emails each Friday listing upcoming birthdays and the project is hosted on a Capistrano administered Ubuntu server which I installed from scratch.

Muller One A Day Anagram Game


I developed a promotional anagram game for one of Muller’s mini-sites. Anagrams are defined in server-side XML files and data is submitted to a set of PHP scripts when the game is completed. This project motivated the development of a Rails style form submission and validation library.

Enjoy England Carousel


This project was developed for a branch of the UK tourist board and involved a CMS driven carousel containing video, images and overlays with dynamically configurable options for preloading and transition types.

Business Card Creator


This project was similar to some previous work I did, but more sophisticated. The user has complete freedom to add, style and place text on one of hundreds of premade business cards. The business card is then converted to a high resolution PDF for printing. This project makes use of AMFPHP, PDFLib + PDI and SWFTools. Part of the project also involved the installation and compilation of a dedicated Linux server.  It also used Apache Xindice (an XML database) to manage business card templates.



I was lead developer on an innovative project called ‘Shape’ which is interactive whiteboard software designed to help teach secondary school mathematics in schools. The software makes extensive use of XML and has included the development of a Flash MathML parser, renderer and evaluator. The project has also motivated the development of an Actionscript 2.0 MVC framework.