Bet Shop Roulette


BetShopRoulette is a kiosk based Roulette machine, currently installed in various betting shops and bookies across Ireland and shortly to be rolled out across the UK.  The focus of this project is on good looks, reliability, security and performance.

The system consists of multiple Flash based touch-screen roulette games (compiled into a desktop application using AIR and running on All-In-One PCs housed in cabinets), and a web based touch-screen cashier interface written in HTML/CSS/JS using AngularJS and PHP with Silex and DBAL on the backend.  The game server is written in server-side Actionscript and runs on Adobe Media Server 5.

The promotional site for the product can be seen here.

Road to IELTS

Road to IELTS is a project developed in collaboration with Clarity Language Consultants and the British Council which provides students with a comprehensive online preparation course for taking the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam including different types of exercises, progress reports, mock papers and more.  This project motivated the development of Bento, a frontend and backend framework that now underpins many of Clarity’s new products.

This software is in use at universities and colleges all over the world.  See more at

For technologies, Road to IELTS uses PHP and MySQL and the frontend uses Flex 13.0, PureMVC and AMFPHP for client-server communication.  The exercises are rendered using our own branch of the Adobe Text Layout Framework (TLF) which we have massively enhanced in order to support a large subset of CSS and additional HTML elements including form and audio/video tags.  We have also developed a dialect of XHTML which describe both the appearance and functionality of exercises and quizzes.

Road To IELTS was awarded ‘Best SME ICT (Product) Award’ in the 2014 Hong Kong ICT Awards, with judges highlighting its “robust and elegant” technical infrastructure.