Bet Shop Roulette


BetShopRoulette is a kiosk based Roulette machine, currently installed in various betting shops and bookies across Ireland and shortly to be rolled out across the UK.  The focus of this project is on good looks, reliability, security and performance.

The system consists of multiple Flash based touch-screen roulette games (compiled into a desktop application using AIR and running on All-In-One PCs housed in cabinets), and a web based touch-screen cashier interface written in HTML/CSS/JS using AngularJS and PHP with Silex and DBAL on the backend.  The game server is written in server-side Actionscript and runs on Adobe Media Server 5.

The promotional site for the product can be seen here.

Pilsner Urquell Global Website

In order to promote and market Pilsner Urquell’s brand and product I assembled a team of two developers and a designer to build a global website. The site was completely configurable across the company’s various regions via the CMS (at the time this consisted of Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA) allowing countries to share or customise content as required. The site contained various multimedia including video and interactive games. During the lifetime of the project various promotional features were requested and implemented, including competitions and

The site was implemented using PHP and Silverstripe, with a MySQL database on the backend. As well as the HTML site there was also a more multimedia rich Flash version of the site, running off the same data via XML adapters.

Nike Team Kit Builder


This was a very large AS3 project application developed for Nike in conjunction with RGA London. It allows the user to design and build matchday and training football kit for their entire team.  The completed application was first made available as part of an exhibition on the first floor of Niketown, Oxford Street, London, then later converted into an online version.

The project made use of AS3, Flash, a custom MVC framework developed specifically for the project, XML and E4X, Papervision 3D, Blender, PHP, AMFPHP, MySQL and Smarty.