Flextrine Tutorial – CRUD in a simple Flex 4 address book: Conclusion

Setting up the server
Creating the entities
Creating the database schema
Loading the entities
Creating new entities
Deleting entities
Updating entities

I hope that this tutorial has given you some insight into the power of Flextrine.  In fact there are many areas of Flextrine that we didn’t touch on here including one to one and many to many associations, lazy loading, DQL, fetch joins, custom PHP functions and more – check the documentation for more details.

Both Flextrine and Doctrine 2 are currently in beta; the planned release date for both products is 1st September 2010 by which time I would hope to be able to confidently pronounce Flextrine as stable.  That’s where you come in!  If you find any issues in Flextrine please log them at http://code.google.com/p/flextrine2/issues/list and help me to make Flextrine the best Flex ORM library there is 🙂

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